Let them drink water!

Allowing water bottles will promote a healthy lifestyle and reduce classroom disruptions.

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Let them drink water!

Morgan P., Staff Writer

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Brownell students should be able to carry around water bottles during the school day, even when they are not sick.

According to a report on CBS more than half of children and teens in the United States are not getting enough water or staying hydrated. Having a water bottle could help keep kids hydrated throughout the day.

Teachers argue that water bottles could cause a mess from spilling on papers, but that wouldn’t be a problem if students were asked to keep them on the ground.

Another way to ensure that the water bottles wouldn’t cause a mess would be to sell Brownell water bottles and buy the ones that have a cap and won’t spill.

Teachers could only allow Brownell water bottles and this could also raise money for the school. Every hour many students leave the classroom too much to go to the bathroom and get drinks of water.  If water bottles were allowed to be carried around students will not be disturbing the class by going to get a drink of water.

Having a water bottle in class would also promote chosing water over unhealthy, sugary drinks because they wouldn’t be as thirsty and want to drink as much pop.

Overall there are many more positives than negatives, so students should be able to carry around water bottles

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Let them drink water!