Popular game changes to negative response

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Popular game changes to negative response

Zach F., Staff Writer

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For over eleven years, Disney’s online RPG (role playing game), Club Penguin, has been bringing smiles to the faces of children and teens across the globe. This game gave kids a taste of online interaction with others, all while promoting online safety.

However, with an overwhelming wave of new apps on Android and Apple devices, Disney has decided to kill off the original Club Penguin game, leaving young kids, and nostalgic teens distraught.

As of March 29th, 2017, when visiting the official Club Penguin website, you are presented with a banner, reading, “Hello penguins, the Club Penguin virtual world will be closing March 29th, 2017.” This announcement came in January of this year, and was a big surprise to many fans of the game.

Many people have shared experiences and done things on this online game that they will never forget. Jack M., 8th grade, is one of those people. Jack stated that he was very shocked that the site was shutting down for good and will miss it. He also said that he had fun with his “girlfriend” while role playing in Club Penguin.

Matthew K., 8th grade, also spent time playing the game. He said that he liked “mingling with penguins I’ve never met before” and also expressed that he was upset that the game was being shut down with, “now I won’t be able to meet new penguin companions!”

There is a lot of heartbreak around the world now, due to this tragedy, and not even the new app can stop it.

The first version of Disney’s free to play new app, Club Penguin Island, has been getting poor feedback from consumers in the app store. It has an overall rating of two out of five stars.

Common complaints are that it is a “freemium” game. This means that you have the barebones functions available to play, but to progress in the game and play it to it’s full extent, you must buy a premium membership. One reviewer, accompanying a rating of one star, writes,

“…Basically, to sum it all up… There are Membership ads every 10 seconds, and barely anything to do for non-members. I get it that Disney is a business but I mean SERIOUSLY!!…This game is not worth a review,” stated one of the reviews.

One of the few positive reviews, with a rating of four stars says, “The game is really exceeding in my opinion, all the areas that you can explore are potentially endless,also the customization is really good. One problem…is that it is pay to win, membership perks have really gone up from the original Club Penguin,”

     Club Penguin was a digital world phenomenon, a masterpiece, and a fine tuned machine of greatness, but even then, it still came to its end. Just how all good things do.

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Popular game changes to negative response