A change is needed

Eighth grader's open letter to lunch room staff on rules of the cafeteria

Alice S., Editor

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Dear Lunchroom Staff,

BUCKET DUTY. The horrible torture inflicted upon us by the same people who take all our fun of screwing around at lunch away. No food fights, no raising our voices, and no staying in to eat your lunch for more than about four and a half minutes.

Here’s a brilliant idea. Not only do the majority population of this school hate the disgustingly unsanitary torture that is Bucket Duty, we also hate Table Duty (you’re shocked that we don’t love reaching our hands into a bucket of room-temperature water with crumbs of food and dirty towels in it to wash tables? Mind-blown). This terrible system needs some updates.

Instead of having Bucket Duty as the punishment for “misbehaving,” I think it should be Table Duty for several reasons.

First of all, Bucket Duty is not only unsanitary and gross, but a colossal waste of everyone’s time. Every day after lunch, our janitorial staff does a great job cleaning our cafeteria. We students are SO SORRY that there is a piece of popcorn on the floor, but it’s not the end of the world, and we shouldn’t be subjected to pointlessly cleaning that up when someone else is going to do a better, more effective job anyway.

Table Duty would be the perfect substitute. On the prowl for good kids doing “bad” things, there are plenty of victims- oh, sorry, did I say victims? I meant, happy, willing teens- to wipe down the tables.

In addition, many of the things that should happen do not. Students are barely ever offered gloves or any other sanitary precautions for Bucket Duty. After wiping tables, which in my opinion is almost equally disgusting, we can’t go to the bathroom and wash our hands. We are barely allowed to go there anyway, for fear of “socializing with friends.” Which brings me to my next point. The crimes.

Walking to the library after lunch hoping there was still a pass left is not a crime. I’m so sorry that I bought a water bottle a minute and a half after Mrs. Klick announced it was time to be ejected from the Cafeteria.

I must ask: What is the harm in spending an extra minute in the bathroom during lunch? Eating a little later if we don’t want to freeze outside? And most importantly: GETTING YOUR COAT FROM YOUR LOCKER?

Obviously no one understands the concept of temperature because when it’s 15 degrees outside and windy and I’m forced to go out in a t-shirt, don’t be so surprised when you get an email from my mom.

Going back to our lockers to get our coats isn’t a crime- it’s us forgetting because believe it or not, we actually have A LOT ON OUR MINDS AT SCHOOL.

The things we are punished for are trivial and seem like an excuse to inflict useless punishments on innocent children. We get it, it’s your job to “maintain order”. But it’s NOT OURS.

I’m sorry if this is offensive to anyone, but I stand by every word of it. The system of keeping kids in line at lunch is unnecessarily cruel and in need of changes. Hopefully once I graduate to a place that has normal and fair lunch rules that make actual sense, it will change here, too.



Alice S.

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A change is needed