Cuts in budget a blow to quality of Great Lakes

Zach F., Staff Writer

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With a new Trump presidency, so far the main focus has been on immigration policies like the recent ban on six countries to prevent immigration to the US, health care reform (abolishing “Obamacare”), and foreign policy.

These actions have taken the spotlight off major issues knocking on our door. Trump hasn’t mentioned anything about the Great Lakes, or what he will do to protect them. Issues like foreign species and pollution could have a huge domino effect on everyone who depends on the lakes as a reliable source of fresh water.

Early signs of pollution can already be seen in the waters of Lake Erie, with huge algae blooms as the result of phosphorus in the water due to farmland runoff into the water. These blooms make the water undrinkable, according to the EPA. Also, garbage pollution in the form of plastics, and other human waste are a huge issue.  These problems call for heavy precautions to be taken to make the water ever remotely palatable, like multi-step filtration and boiling the water. This can be a huge hit to low income families, as a good filter can cost upwards of a hundred dollars! Does anyone remember Flint?

Trump needs to realize that global warming isn’t just some made up phrase. There is solid, scientific evidence backing up the fact that our climate is changing at a rapid rate. According to NASA, we can see this through sea level rise, and a global temperature rise. The last fifteen years have been the warmest in history. It is time to start taking action, to improve the lives of the future generations.

The Great Lakes are the largest bodies of freshwater on Earth. These immense lakes contain over twenty percent of all freshwater on Earth, according to the official Great Lakes EPA website.

The Great Lakes supplies eighty-four percent of the United State’s freshwater. This is about 268 million people who will be left without water if the lakes are destroyed by problems like throwing garbage in the lake.

The solution of this problem is not just taking precautions right before the water flows through our faucets and showers. So far, after only a few months as president, Trump has slashed funding for the Environmental Protection Agency by 31%. He needs to actively support and fund the Environmental Protection Agency to save our lakes or the fresh water in our lakes will become a thing of the past.

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Cuts in budget a blow to quality of Great Lakes