People you should know: From babysitting to world changing

New Jersey teen saves lives and creates a movement in Nepal

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People you should know: From babysitting to world changing

Olivia F., Editor

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It was a simple job that some students at Brownell have been hired for, babysitting. However, in the end, what Maggie Doyne, a 19 year old from New Jersey, did bettered the lives of more than just the kids she watched.

In 2006, Maggie Doyne used all of her saved babysitting funds to travel around the world. She had graduated and finished high school, with the whole world in front of her. While on her adventure, she lived in a Buddhist Monastery and helped accomplish many small projects that finally led to her big one. This big project would change her life forever.

While Maggie visited the country of Nepal, she was heavily affected by the aftermath of an ongoing civil war. She walked along dirt roads that lead her to struggling villages and saw all that was occurring. But through all of this bad, there was some good that came. Maggie met a six-year old girl, Hima, who was trying to earn some money for her family by breaking stones and selling them. Maggie took action and turned Hima’s life around. After paying for Hima’s education, Maggie couldn’t stop helping others in need.

The experience pushed Maggie to make a change. She used her life savings of $5,000 and purchased land in a western Nepal district called Surkhet. With the help and encouragement of the nearby community and people from her home town, overtime Maggie and her supporters built a school, a women’s center, and the Kopila Valley Children’s Home . By doing this, she has achieved in helping the many Nepalese women and children turn their lives around and forget their past challenges.

Eight years later,  in 2015, this inspiring woman was awarded CNN’s “Hero of the Year” Award and has continued supporting her achievements with her non-profit foundation “BlinkNow.”

“If you had told me when I turned 18 that I was going to be the mom of 50 kids, I would have told you that you were totally crazy. And I am. And to my kids, I love you so much. Don’t ever forget how much I love you. And to the country of Nepal, thank you so much for loving me and accepting me as a daughter welcoming me into your country,” she said in her acceptance speech for her “Hero of the Year Award”.

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People you should know: From babysitting to world changing