The Stable

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Filled with candy, ice cream, chips, drinks and more the  newly opened Stable is the perfect place for an after school treat. Though it may cost a dollar, your money goes straight to the school. This is just one of many unique things about Brownell.

If the meaning of the Stable is still unclear it is a classroom located in A hall that has been transformed into a little shop filled with after school snacks. It is opened after school from 3:18 to 3:35 P.M. and run by one of the counselors Mrs. Niforos. It started about 6 years ago when Mrs. Niforos gleefully partnered with Mrs. Reygaert. Together they have created a profitable business that has never closed on a regular school day.

Dr. Niforos says she was approached by her daughter, after the previous staff member left, and was told to consider the open position. Later, Mrs. Reygaert offered to partner with Dr. Niforos, which at that point she couldn’t refuse.

With help from student volunteers, staff members and customers, the stable has become the successful small business both Mrs. Reygaert and Dr. Niforos have envisioned. Dr. Niforos ended by saying,” We want Brownell students to enjoy stopping by The Stable after school to buy a snack, socialize with friends, donate to our charity drives and feel proud that they are supporting their school.”     





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The Stable