Space Travel

Becca K., Writer

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Space Travel has captivated audiences since the first man went into space in 1961, propelled by the heightened tensions  of Space Race between two world superpowers, The United States and the USSR. Not even 10 years later, the United States made history by landing the first man on the moon, in turn defeating the Soviet Union in the space race. Nasa is planning to have humans on Mars by 2030, and soon space travel might be available to people across the globe by private companies.


Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, recently took a large leap forward in the space tourism world. On Tuesday February 8, he launched the Falcon Heavy. It is one of the most powerful rockets in the world. It could be used in the future to bring heavy satellites to space or even a manned mission to Mars. Musk is the CEO of Tesla and on top of the rocket was a bright red Tesla roadster. It was complete with a life-sized dummy. The car will follow a path around the sun, going as far as Mars and as close as Earth. Current projections say that it could take around 19 months to complete one cycle. However


Nasa has been relying on Russia to ferry astronounts to the International Space Station since 2011, when they dissolved their space shuttle program.They are hoping that we will be able to use the SpaceX and Boeing rockets to end its partnership with Russia. Both companies have been awarded contracts from Nasa. Space is always changing. Its mysterious and hard to understand. But human wonder has kept us looking up at the skies, wondering where we will go next.

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Space Travel