Chloe Kim Brings Gold for the U.S.

Sophia F., Editor

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Imagine being 17-year-olds, and going to the Olympics. Well, that’s now the reality for snowboarder Chloe Kim. The 17-year old is a true role model for many, as she is now better than most of the snowboarders that have been in the sport for years. On February 12th, she got gold for the U.S. in the women’s halfpipe, and got a nearly perfect score of 98. She is now on the map for snowboarders around the world, and for the next Olympics, they’ll have to beat Chloe as now being the best women’s halfpipe athlete in the world. At such a young age, many are wondering as to how she made it to the Olympics being so young. Well, it’s simple. She lives in California, and when she was very young, her father wanted to try snowboarding, and brought Chloe along, and in no time flat, she was already on the slopes. She tried, and greatly succeeded at a sport that many can’t imagine of even doing. The U.S. Olympic Committee even said that they wanted to put her on the Women’s Snowboarding Team when for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, but she was too young, at only age 13. Now that Chloe Kim is an idol to many, and an athlete that many others look up to, she is on the map, and on the slopes.

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Chloe Kim Brings Gold for the U.S.