Ice Fishing Spots And Lures

Ethan B., Writer

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Ice fishing, the cold weather sport. Waking up at the crack of dawn, trudging out onto the cold, thick ice. You notice the peace and quiet, no birds sing, no sticks crack, the ice doesn’t creak under your feet. Then you start the auger, and the silence is shattered by the defining roar of the auger. This is what it can be like on a cold winter morning out on the ice. Ice fishing can be a thrilling sport at one time, and a boring one at other times. A popular ice fishing destination is up north, with its large pike and abundant pearch. Another good fishing spot is in the docks of Pier Park. There are many 6 in. bass, perch, and bluegill that are relatively easy to catch. Good fishing lures to use are spinners, small orange, yellow, and pink foam beads, and jigs. Personally I had the best luck with the foam beads fishing around the dock pillars. One of the best times to fish is when the ice is just melting. This can be the perfect time to fish if you don’t have an auger. An easy way to get around this thought is to just the old holes of other fishermen. If you do have an auger you should move around until you find the school and then move with the school. It is also nice to have a tip up. If you don’t know what a tip up is it is a line you don’t have to watch too much, and has a flag at one end to indicate a hit. They are commonly use to catch big predator fish like pike. Agin ice fishing is a very fun sport, it is also a very peaceful and calm sport.

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Ice Fishing Spots And Lures