Canadian Women’s Ice Hockey Player takes off Medal During Ceremony

Sophia F., Editor

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Winning a medal at the Olympics is a big deal, to say the least. I mean, many of us just dream about being up on that podium, getting that glorious piece of gold, silver, or bronze being hung around our necks. But, for Canadian Women’s Ice Hockey player Jocelyn Larocque, silver just, wasn’t for her. So what did she do? She just ripped off the medal, winning second place behind the U.S. with gold.


After a shootout of Canada vs. the U.S., the United States took the gold. Now, I mean, it isn’t always fun to lose, but to win silver in the Olympics? That’s still pretty great! By Jocelyn Larocque, a defensemen for Canada, decided that she wanted the gold, and just wasn’t having silver. Right when the silver medal was on her neck, she instantly took it off. Not only is that so ungrateful, but it’s actually pretty rude. In the olympics, traditionally, if you get a medal, you’re still pretty happy. I mean, your an Olympic Medalists, and many people don’t get that title. So to take off your hard earned medal, just does not show respect, nor sportsmanship. So, many people took to social media, to tell the world their thoughts, and they didn’t come out pretty. Not only was she under fire from people on Twitter, but news organizations came after her too. And so did lots of other Olympic teams. So the talk about her just never ended. She did come out and apologized for taking off the medal, but many are saying that that just, wasn’t enough.


Now, I do have to say, it hurts to lose. But at the same time, you won a medal in the Olympics, and they tried. And putting in all your effort, is just about as much as you can do. So you should at least be happy and grateful that you get to walk home with a medal from the Olympics.

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Canadian Women’s Ice Hockey Player takes off Medal During Ceremony