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Basketball is a game of luck, skills and awareness. Basketball is a favorite pastime for many people all over the countrie. You can play lighting, 1.v.1, or just a friendly game of pig or horse. Basketball is also a very good way to meet new people, play with friends and exercise. You can also play in leagues or go pro. Although going pro is very hard to do. Anyway there is 5 positions in a true basketball game. They are power forwards, small forwards, froward, point guards and centers (a.k.a glass cleaners). Point guards are usually the smallest players on the court and a very good at shooting, dribbling and passing. Centers are usually the tallest and the biggest players and are very good at rebounding and blocking shots. Power forward are the second biggest player on the court and are good at rebounding, diving to the basket and shooting. In my opinion power forwards are one of the most rounded players on the court. The second smallest player on the courts are small forwards, small forwards are good at dribbling, passing, and diving to the basket. I think small forwards are also very well rounded players. Forwards are the third biggest player on the court and are good at driving to the basket, stealing the ball and passing. A good place to go to play basketball is the neighborhood club. There plenty of people to play games with and it is also a good place to practice having 6 regulation height rims.

In conclusion basketball is a very fun sport which requires you to use your whole body. Give it a try!

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