Hunting: Is it Good, or Bad?

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Hunting, is it good or bad for the environment? It may sound bad, killing innocent animals for a sport. But in reality it is very, very good for the environment, and the economy. One of the many ways it is good for the environment is it can, and will help control the local, and national game populations like deer, bears, and moose as well as the small game populations like waterfowl( ducks, geese, birds, etc.), rabbits, and squirrels. This can help prevent destruction of plants, and trees through overgrazing by wild animals. It also helps the environment by removing the diseased or weak animals from the herd or flock. This can prevent the spread of the disease, and possibly stop diseases entirely. This helps keep a health and thriving ecosystem for generations to come. Hunting is good for the economy because the state uses money they make from tags, and hunting licenses to manage conservation projects, national, and local parks. It is also very good for the economy because stores like Bass Pro, and Field and Stream make money by selling guns or bows for people to use. They also provide jobs to americans which is always a good thing. Hunting can be bad for the environment thought.

Think like over hunting can endanger animals, and let plant life take over the entire ecosystem.

In conclusion, hunting is a very good thing for the environment because it help control population, and plant life of future generations. It is also very good for the economy because of the jobs it provides to Americans.

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Hunting: Is it Good, or Bad?