Brownell Students Take a New Stance on Gun Violence

Sophia F., Editor

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Students at Brownell are starting to take a new stance in gun violence. After the school shooting at Majority Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, gun violence has been taken on by high schoolers and middle schoolers all around the U.S.. From one school to another, the domino effect of gun violence has taken lawmakers by storm, and changes have already been made, some still pending. A new organization has arisen in Grosse Pointe, and they are already planning rallies and other activities to prevent gun violence, and any other incident like the Majority Douglas High School shooting from happening again.


The group, GP Kids For Gun Control, was established by Abraham Neds-Fox, Rebecca Koch, Eleni Tecos, Meghan Wysocki, Paige Evers, Lilly Cleland, and Jocylen Beckerman. The groups mission is not to take away guns, but to control guns. They believe that gun violence is a huge issue raging through our country now, and they feel that they need to educate others about the cause and effect of gun violence. “We hope that schools are no longer prey to gun violence and they are returned to what they were made for – a safe place to learn.” Says the group.  They are running a sister march for March for Our Lives, a national organization that also protests gun violence. March for Our Lives is also teamed up some of the students that go to Majority Douglas High School, such as Emma González, who now has 1.25 million twitter followers, and is a big personality in March for Our Lives.


On Saturday, March 24th, 2018, March for Our Lives, and GP Kids Against Guns, are teaming up with other small organizations across the country to protest gun violence, and hold a national walk. The walk in Grosse Pointe will start at Richard Elementary, and go all the way to Defer Elementary. The walk will include chanting, and a police escort for extra protection. The walk will last from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.


These Brownell kids have taken extra steps to make sure their opinions get through. Gun violence is a part of our world now, and many believe it shouldn’t be. Overall, with new organizations rising, lawmakers m

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Brownell Students Take a New Stance on Gun Violence