Orange Snow Falls in Eastern Europe

Claire S., Writer

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If you lived in Eastern Europe, on Friday, when you looked out the window you would have seen a thick blanket of orange snow covering your yard. You may think twice about what you see, but it is there.


This layer of eerie orange snow fell on parts of Eastern Europe on Friday, March 25 and over the weekend. Some people reported that it looked post- apocalypse, or like they were ’skiing on Mars’.


It happens about every 5 years or so, and surprises almost everyone, everytime it happens. This natural phenomenon happens when sand from the Sahara Desert mixes with rain and snow to create a orange tinted snow. Many have complained about the sand getting in there mouth, but still enjoyed it nonetheless.


Steve Keates, a meteorologist with the United Kingdom’s National Weather Service, known as the Met Office, told the Independent that as sand gets higher up in the atmosphere, it spreads easier, making it possible to come from the Sahara Desert.


Most times, it is not as visible, but this time it has a very large concentration of sand, making it appear to be more orange. In the picture taken by NASA from a satellite, there is a light brown streak in parts of Europe, staining the clouds.


“Looking at satellite imagery from [NASA], it shows a lot of sand and dust in the atmosphere drifting across the Mediterranean,” Keates said. “When it rains or snows, it drags down whatever is up there, if there is sand in the atmosphere.”


So next time you see this strange phenomenon, whether you are at home or in Eastern Europe, you’ll know how and why it happens so you can enjoy the brand new colors of the world without hesitation or fear.

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Orange Snow Falls in Eastern Europe