How to Swim with Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

Does listening to some lovely jam while swimming sound like an excellent idea for you?

Then getting waterproof Bluetooth headphones would not be a wrong choice. If you are someone who swims regularly, adding a bit of music to your routine will make it an awesome experience while you are swimming head above water. Purchasing a regular Bluetooth headphone is not much of a job to do. But when it comes to getting waterproof Bluetooth headphones, you might have to prepare yourself for a little bit of digging. You surely do not want to get swimming earbuds that will not serve you for long.

While purchasing your swimming earbuds, you should put into consideration the fact that Bluetooth connection beneath the water surface is a bit shaky if you do not have a reliable headphone. Also, the earbuds you are planning to get should match up to the IPX7 standard. It means that they can still function properly even when they touch water. If you are an expert swimmer, it should take at least 3 meters deep.



Caring for Your Earbuds

 Swimming Earbuds

The next point of consideration is that water bodies might have some chemicals in it. Let's take, for instance, chlorine; this chemical can affect the charging of your device for some time. So, it is recommended that you clean up your swimming earbuds after each session. There is a tendency that the lifespan of your earbuds would reduce if you do not do this.

Improper storing of your earbuds could cause some damage to it; you should not toss your earbuds aside or stuff them in your pockets after swimming. A better option is to get a separate case for them so that you can carry them easily without being scared of them getting damaged too.

Most of the common damages recorded by waterproof Bluetooth headphones may include problems with speakers and reduced inaudible sounds. These outcomes could be caused by using your swimming earbuds in extreme temperature conditions (be it high or low temperature).

Studies have shown that in a day with an atmospheric temperature of 38°C, there is a considerable chance that the interior temperature of your vehicle could be up to 78°C. This is certainly too hot for your earbuds. It is never advisable to leave your earbuds in the car.

How Comfortable Are Your Earbuds?


Another thing to factor in is your comfort. One of the questions to ask is, "Can these set of earbuds sit comfortably in my ears while I'm swimming?"

 Of course, it will be a terrifying experience to chase after your earbuds when it falls off your ear in the pool. You do not want that to happen to you. So, you must get earbuds that could be fitted securely to your ear no matter how high or low the pressure of the water might be. You should also note that some swimmers do attach their earbuds to the goggles they are putting on. Others see fixing it under their swim cap as a better idea. This depends on the design; xFyro earbuds can sit comfortably under your swim cap, and you can easily stop the music when you want to speak to your coach, the lifeguard, or your colleagues. 

How to Swim with Your Earbuds


Keeping your earbuds in while swimming can be a bit of a tricky job!

It is not an easy job; you might have been in a situation where your swimming earbuds fell off, and your ears got filled with water. This is undoubtedly an annoying experience. To stop this encounter from repeating itself, here a few tips to take note of

Have a Waterproof Music Source

Although waterproof Bluetooth earbuds are built to have a stronger connection because of their usage in water, there might still be cases where the link might become shaky.

Being equipped with a waterproof music mp3 player like a SwiMP3 players solves the problem. Another option is to use a Smart Watch like the Apple watch as a music source if you have one! This option is not the cheapest, but a SmartWatch allows you to do more than just listening to music while swimming.

Besides that, you need to make sure that your music player is well attached to your body! You could attach them to your swimming goggles, around your neck or wear them around your wrists (this is for players that come with wrist bands).

Making Use of Swim Caps

Now and again, depending on the design of the swimming earbuds you are making use of, wearing a swim cap will go a long way in keeping them from falling off.

XFyro waterproof Bluetooth earbuds are designed to fit correctly in your ears, but adding a swim cap to it could be an added advantage.

Some of the earbuds' designs in the market today are prone to falling off within your swimming session. They could fall while you are turning or giving a firm stroke. In a bid to avoid adjusting your headphones now and then, relying on your cap to do the job for you is highly recommended.

Get Acquainted with Your Earbud Functions

You must get to know how to operate your earbuds before you get underneath the water. This is to avoid fumbling with them in a bid to turn up or turn down the volume or change the track you are listening to.

XFyro earbuds are the most recommended when it comes to easy handling. The controls are straightforward and are restricted to only the essential functions, which makes it work well for you.

Ensure Your Playlist Is in Order Before Splashing

A little bit of arranging before swimming makes things less complicated for you.

Some of the devices make it possible for you to playback some of your music; you can also shuffle them if it sounds like a good idea. If you are the type that likes them to play one after the other, you can leave them to play sequentially. The choice is yours to make. When you plug your phone to a computer, they will be dealt with like a storage device. You can easily select the track you want and likewise, arrange them into a playlist by giving them numbers to get the required order you would want them to play in. This might not be perfect, but it is a simple way to keep those swimming earbuds from falling off.

When it comes to purchasing the best reliable waterproof Bluetooth headphones, xFyro earbuds are the most recommended. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology makes sure that there is a powerful connection when while you’re swimming head above water. With 8-hour battery life, you surely will not have downtime in the pool. All you need to do is to connect, fix it your ear, splash and have fun! Comfort is also not left out in the design; you can enjoy your swim time without the fear of having your earbuds falling off. The in-ear perfect fit design prevents that from happening, and there are multiple sizes you can choose from. You can easily pick the size that fits your ear.


To wrap this up, we believe that the article has laid out some points to take note of while purchasing your swimming earbuds, how to care for them, and, most importantly, how to swim with them. Surely, you will have the best experience the next time you go swimming. Have a happy splash!